9.03 / Research and Sponsored Program Authorization

  1. Purpose

    To establish the authority to commit the University to the terms and conditions of externally funded grants and contracts, and to commit University resources to the performance of tasks proposed to external sponsors.

  2. Policy

    The Office of Research and Technology Transfer (RTT) is charged with the responsibility of approving proposals for externally funded programs, negotiating grants and contracts, and managing awards. No faculty member, nor any other official of the University, is authorized to commit University resources to the conduct of research, training or service without receipt of authorization from RTT.

    RTT provides services to support the faculty and staff in seeking and managing externally funded programs. In most instances, University research and sponsored program proposals are initiated by faculty or staff members who have specific program interests that require outside funding. In order to facilitate submission of proposals, RTT aids faculty and staff members in identifying funding sources, and provides grant guidelines and other program information documents. RTT reviews proposal drafts for completeness and format, budget preparation, appropriate authorization of commitments including cost sharing, and compliance with University policy and other regulatory requirements. All proposals for external support must be authorized by the department chair, dean and Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer prior to submission to the funding agency or industry. University faculty who are co-principal investigators with faculty from other institutions must obtain the same approvals, even though the support may come to 新加坡六合彩开奖网 in the form of a subcontract.