14.01 / General Purchasing Policies

  1. Policy

    1. In accordance with K.S.A. 76-769, as amended, and pursuant to policies of the Kansas Board of Regents, the University has delegated authority to acquire any supplies, materials, equipment, goods, property, printing or services required by the University and to enter into leases of real property. In exercising these delegated authorities, the University shall:

      1. Focus on the stewardship of public funds.
      2. Advance and support the mission of the University.
      3. Promote a competitive and fair procurement environment.
      4. Be open and transparent (adhering to the Kansas Open Records Act).
    2. When reasonably available, the University shall utilize cooperative purchasing opportunities with other public universities or other state agencies to achieve the lowest competitive price, including purchasing from current State of Kansas central purchasing contracts, state travel services, and products pursuant to the Prison Made Goods Act, if and when it is in the best interests of the University.

    3. The President shall delegate purchasing authority to all vice presidents of the University. The 新加坡六合彩开奖网 Director of Purchasing shall provide assistance and professional support to the President and vice presidents to ensure all purchasing policies and procedures are followed. The Director of Purchasing may further delegate purchasing responsibilities to persons in University departments for efficiency of operations. The Director of Purchasing shall work with the President's Executive Team to adopt operational procedures governing the internal purchasing functions of the University, including purchases at the departmental level. These procedures can be accessed and reviewed via the following link: Administration of 新加坡六合彩开奖网 Procurement Policies in Accordance with the Kansas Board of Regents Policy on Fiscal Management.

    4. The Associate Vice President for Financial Operations and Business Technology, Director of Purchasing, Office of Purchasing staff and Director of Internal Audit shall work with the President's Executive Team as operating procedures and reporting mechanisms are developed, and audits of individual departments are conducted, to ensure adherence to proper purchasing policies and procedures.

    5. The Office of Purchasing establishes contractual service agreements for professional services and service maintenance agreements and maintains all open-ended contracts. The Office of Purchasing cannot purchase items for individuals for their personal use and as a general policy, no University purchase orders will be awarded to University employees.

  2. Procedure

    1. State Contracts for Supplies and Services

      Contracts for commonly used equipment, supplies and services have been developed by the State of Kansas Department of Procurement and Contracts and the Office of Purchasing. A list of contracts developed by the Office of Purchasing for University use is available at the Office of Purchasing. Copies and updates of these contracts are maintained by the Office of Purchasing and are forwarded to departments expected to have need for the items covered by the contract. State contracts for commonly used equipment and materials must be utilized unless it can be clearly demonstrated that an alternative purchase would be in the best interest of the University. Approval by the Office of Purchasing is required when deviating from this policy, prior to acquisition.

    2. Contracting Policy

      Section 1.04, Execution of Contracts, identifies the University officials with contracting authority. The Vice President for Finance and Administration has further delegated limited authority for the execution of purchase orders to the Director of Purchasing.

    3. Vendor Information

      The Office of Purchasing maintains a current library of vendor product information and maintains a program of vendor evaluation on the basis of quality, service, delivery practices and price. Procurement officers are apprised of current market conditions, scarcity of materials, new product availability, delivery information and state and federal excess property. Procurement officers also explore new and improved sources of supplies, materials, processes and ideas which will better serve the needs of all University departments.

    4. Used Equipment

      The University does not generally purchase used equipment. However, if it can be demonstrated that it is advantageous to do so, used equipment may be purchased from an established and reliable vendor of the type of equipment to be purchased. Normal purchase procedures are required for this type of purchase.

    5. Departmental Services

      Office of Purchasing procurement officers will visit departments to discuss current needs, future opportunities, and procedures. These visits are generally made at departmental request. A representative from the Office of Purchasing will visit with new department heads, researchers, administrative assistants, and secretaries to explain purchasing procedures and services. Contact the Office of Purchasing to arrange a visit.

    6. Banner

      All departments that wish to purchase goods or services with funds that are deposited in the state treasury, including research grants, will be required to use Banner to submit requisitions to the Office of Purchasing. Department budget officers shall keep the Director of Purchasing informed as to who is responsible and authorized to submit requisitions and who is authorized as the Banner Requisition Approver on behalf of the department.