Certificate Programs

Certificate programs in liberal arts and sciences are a great way to show your employer that you have developed new skills and competencies that benefit you personally and professionally.

A certificate is a group of related courses that address a special topic, and program completion indicates achievement in a specialized area. The length of time it takes to complete a certificate depends upon the program itself. Some program courses may have prerequisites.

This table lists certificates offered through Fairmount College. Unless otherwise noted, they are offered at the undergraduate level. Only those certificates approved through the university curricular process will appear on a student's permanent academic record. See an academic advisor for more information.

  • Asian Studies鈥擨nterdisciplinary
  • City and County Management (graduate)鈥擧ugo Wall School of Public Affairs
  • Community Psychology鈥擯sychology
  • Economic Development (graduate)鈥擧ugo Wall School of Public Affairs
  • Film Studies鈥擨nterdisciplinary
  • Global Competency鈥擨nterdisciplinary
  • Great Plains Studies (graduate and undergraduate)鈥擨nterdisciplinary
  • Human Factors Psychology鈥擯sychology
  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies鈥擨nterdisciplinary
  • Museum Studies (graduate)鈥擜nthropology
  • Nonprofit Management (graduate)鈥擧ugo Wall School of Public Affairs
  • Public Finance (graduate)鈥擧ugo Wall School of Public Affairs
  • Social Work and Addiction鈥擲chool of Social Work
  • Spanish for the Professions鈥擬odern and Classical Languages and Literatures
  • Tilford Diversity Studies鈥擨nterdisciplinary