The Master of Arts (MA) program in English equips graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary both to the outstanding teacher and to the well-prepared candidate for further graduate study. The graduate committee of the department accordingly requires its master's candidates to follow a course of advanced study that leads to a comprehensive knowledge of English and American literature. Candidates are also given training in the principles of literary criticism and in the use of bibliographic tools so that they will have a general competence in criticism and research. This MA in English Handbook is applicable to all students who enrolled in the degree program during or after the Fall 2019 catalog year.

The MA in English is a 30 credit hour degree that can be completed in two years. Students earn credits by completing the following coursework:

  • 3 credit hours in Engl 700: Introduction to Graduate Study
  • 12 credit hours in literary seminars focused on both pre- and post-20th century American and British literature
  • 9-12 credit hours in electives emphasizing a variety of research fields
  • 3-6 credit hours in a capstone project, either the Master's Thesis (3-6 credit hours) or the Master's Portfolio (3 credit hours)