About the program

The Master of Arts (MA) program in English Literature, offered both in-person and online, equips graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary both to the outstanding teacher and to the well-prepared candidate for further graduate study while providing for personal and professional enrichment through advanced study of literature. Master's candidates follow a course of advanced study that leads to a comprehensive knowledge of English and American literature. Candidates are also given training in the principles of literary criticism and in the use of bibliographic tools so that they will have a general competence in criticism and research. In addition to our 30-hour degree program, we offer a 12-hour graduate certificate in English Literature and Composition Pedagogy that can be completed online and paired with the MA degree. Our BA students can also pursue the master's degree in our bachelor's to master's degree program.

Why English?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, companies are increasingly looking for applicants strong in "soft skills" 鈥 advanced critical thinking, distinct verbal capabilities, and experience with writing for diverse audiences, to name a few. Our graduates excel in these skills and have successfully pursued diverse career opportunities after graduation.

Our curriculum is designed to encourage students to explore a variety of future career paths: while our curriculum emphasizes a wide range of reading, research, and writing skills, the capstone projects further provide students with the opportunity to develop career resources applicable to their future endeavors.

A flexible curriculum taught by 新加坡六合彩开奖网 faculty

All our classes, both in-person and online, are taught by regular 新加坡六合彩开奖网 faculty. Our curriculum regularly offers courses in British and American literature, major authors, the genres of drama, poetry, and fiction, image literacy in film and graphic novels, publishing, teaching practicums, digital humanities, professional, technical, and scientific writing, linguistics, and many more! We also provide enrolled students with expansive experiential learning opportunities to further their education through co-operative internships (including an internship with Dzanc Publishers), research assistantships, and mentorship programs.

Advance your career with the MA

Our graduate program has been a leader in developing innovative and interdisciplinary courses that target the changing career needs of our student body. Students craft individualized plans of study that meet their professional goals and are mentored by faculty associated with their disciplinary interests. The online degree is especially designed to aid the modern learner, providing professional development opportunities for high school teachers and other industry professionals in need of an adaptable schedule yet desirous of a quality learning experience. Students seeking a traditional classroom experience similarly will find our small class sizes to be intellectually stimulating and academically rewarding. Recent graduates have found success as media designers, high school teachers, PhD candidates, and community college faculty, among other career paths.

Invest in your future

Wichita State offers competitive tuition rates, including a single tuition rate for resident and nonresident students in the online program, as well as tuition reduction programs. Graduate scholarships and travel finding are available for both in-person and distance learners; assistantships may be available for qualified in-person students. The department also offers competitive fellowships, including the MA Fellowship and the prestigious Gordon Parks Fellowship, as further financial assistance to qualified students.