Well-Rounded Learning

Wichita State strives to offer the most complete college experience possible to produce well-rounded, successful Shocker graduates. Through general education courses, students explore subjects outside of their major, expanding their knowledge, perspective and skills and making a positive impact on their career and life.

The multilayered nature of general education opens doors for a student to discover what they are truly passionate about, helping them to discover who they are and what their unique role is in changing the world. The unplanned, unintended, accidental bumping into unrelated concepts that comes from unrelated disciplines is what works this special kind of magic.
Dr. Andrew Hippisley
Dean of Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

General Education Course Requirements

General Education Program requirements at Wichita State follow the KBOR system-wide General Education Program framework and are comprised of 34-35 credit hours organized in six discipline-based 鈥渂uckets鈥 and an institutionally designated bucket. A student who satisfies all seven buckets will complete the General Education Program.

The four courses in Buckets 1-3 must be completed within the first 48 credit hours of enrollment with a grade of C- or better. Foundation courses cover the fundamental skills needed throughout college and should be taken at the very beginning of a student鈥檚 studies.

Note: Some general education courses can count for both the General Education Program requirements and program/college requirements. Students should work with their advisor to determine the most efficient path.

Bucket 1: English Discipline Area

Image representing bucket 1. Text reads 6 hours; ENGL 100 or 101 and ENGL 102

Bucket 2: Communication Discipline Area

Image representing Bucket 2. Text reads 3 hours; COMM 111.

Bucket 3: Mathematics and Statistics Discipline Area

Note (for viewers, Footnote 2): Any math/statistics course that requires  or  as a prerequisite.  does not fulfill the prerequisite for any further math course.  does not meet degree requirements in all colleges.

Image representing Bucket 3. Text reads 3 hours; MATH 111, 112 or 131 or any math/stat course that requires MATH 111 or MATH 112 as a prerequisite.

Bucket 4: Natural and Physical Sciences Discipline Area

Image representing Bucket 4. Text reads 4-5 hours; Choose one subject (must include a lab): A list of qualifying courses can be found on the General Education Courses page of the catalog.

Bucket 5: Social and Behavioral Sciences Discipline Area

Note (for viewers, Footnote 3): Full course list can be found on the  page of the catalog.

Image representing Bucket 5. Text reads 6 hours; Choose from at least two subject areas: Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethnic Studies, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Women's Studies.

Bucket 6: Arts and Humanities Discipline Area

Note (for viewers, Footnote 3): Full course list can be found on the  page of the catalog.

Note (for viewers, Footnote 4) in regards to Communication and English: Excludes courses from Buckets 1-3.

Image representing Bucket 6. Text reads 6 hours; Choose from at least two subject areas: Communication, English, History, Modern and Classical Languages, Linguistics, Philosophy, Religion, Art History, Dance, Musicology / Composition, Studio Arts, Theatre.

Bucket 7: Institutionally Designated Area4

Note (for viewers, Footnote 4 in Heading): excludes courses from Buckets 1-3.

Note on "3 credit hours of First-Year Seminar" (for viewers, Footnote 5): A First-Year Seminar course is required for students coming to 新加坡六合彩开奖网 directly from high school. Those students who have earned an Associate Degree or 30 credit hours prior to high school graduation and before starting classes at 新加坡六合彩开奖网 as a degree-bound student, may be exempt from taking a First-Year Seminar course.

Note on "No Repeat Courses" (for viewers, Footnote 3): Full course list can be found on the  page of the catalog.

Image representing Bucket 7. Text reads 6 hours; 3 credit hours of First-Year Seminar (FYS may only count for General Education credit in Bucket 7); 3 GE credit hours with Diversity designation (May be satisfied by 4-6 requirement); If diversity requirement is satisfied in buckets 4-6, students must take additional General Education approved courses to reach a total of 6 credit hours in bucket 7. (May include disciplines not included in buckets 1-6. No repeat courses).