Popular Spots Make for Upbeat Boba Scene

Boba has popped off here in Wichita. The craze for bubble tea has taken over the drink scene. We have a variety of mom-and-pop shops and popular chains throughout our city. As a fellow milk tea lover, here are my favorites in town:

ICTeaICTea Facebook

ICTea - 300 N Rock Rd, A3

Opened in 2016, serves a great variety of teas and various toppings. My go-to here is the Thai tea. This would be a great place to study or hang out with its spacious interior and multiple tables.


Kung Fu TeaKung Fu Tea Facebook

Kung Fu Tea - 1625 S Rock Rd Suite 129

It is a national franchise, but this boba place has made a name for itself here in town. serves boba, tea, coffee, and small pastries. From their milk strikes, punches and slushes, to milk teas, there are options for everyone. You can control the sugar levels too.


Sweet Pops TeaSweet Pops Facebook

Sweet Pops - 550 N Rock Rd

This shop originally opened in 2019 and they just opened a second location on the west side in 2022. is unique in its artwork inside its store, but also in their drink and desserts selections. There is a lot of seating inside and stunning murals which makes it a great place to study or just hang out with friends.


Joy TeaJoy Tea Facebook

Joy Tea - 11414 E Central Ave STE 100

Opened in 2022, is new to the Wichita boba scene. This boba place offers the usuals: boba, coffee, smoothies and teas, but they also have shaved ice. I highly recommend their fruit teas, and especially any of their green teas. Their drinks are refreshing and are the perfect pick-me-up for the day. 


Boba ZoneBoba Zone Facebook

Boba Zone Inc - 2240 N Rock Rd #106

This is the OG. Wichita鈥檚 first opened in 2008 and it has remained a favorite for a reason. Their Thai tea is delicious and perfectly sweet. Their menu has many unique choices with a combination of fruit teas, milk teas, and smoothies!


Feng Cha TeaFeng Cha Facebook

Feng Cha Wichita Boba Tea - 8007 E Kellogg Dr #18B

Opened in 2022, has made a name for itself in the local boba community. The dirty boba is popular, but the star of the show for me is the cr猫me brulee dirty boba. They also have various desserts ranging from tiramisu to a matcha cake that pair well with your tea.


Mr. Lion TeaYokohama Ramen Joint Facebook

Mr. Lion Tea - 613 W Douglas Ave

Located in , the restaurant has rebranded and included a sister store - Mr. Lion Tea - inside the restaurant where you can get different flavors of boba tea. The Mr. Lion signature milk tea with brown sugar boba is a staple for a reason. It has a rich brown sugar flavor that is the perfect treat after grabbing a bowl of spicy ramen or fried rice.


Boba LeafBoba Leaf Facebook

Leaf Teahouse - 1912 E Pawnee St

Opened in 2021, is a local favorite! The fruit teas are delicious and fresh. The interior has the cutest d茅cor and board games are available for patrons to sit back, relax, and drink their boba.

There are plenty of boba spots scattered throughout the city. Go out and discover your favorite!
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