Mediterranean Flavor Served Up on Campus

I visited one of the newest restaurants to open in Wichita State鈥檚 Braeburn Square, . This is the restaurant鈥檚 second location with the other in New Market Square in west Wichita.

When we arrived, the first thing I noticed were the trays of desserts that lined the counter 鈥 a sweets lover鈥檚 dream. The gentleman working behind the counter greeted us and recommended the mixed grill kebab which has a combination of chicken, beef and lamb on a skewer. We took his word and ordered the mixed grill kebab, a chicken kebab and hummus. Each of the meals came with three sides, which I thought was very generous as most times you have the choice of one or two sides. Since there were two of us, we decided to try a few different sides including the tabbouleh, fattoush salad, vermicelli rice and french fries.

There were plenty of seating options in the indoor dining area. They also have a nice outdoor patio area that would be a perfect spot for a nice day. The patio overlooks the pond and fountain behind Braeburn Square, which in the evenings is lit up.

Our order of hummus and pita bread came out almost immediately after we found a seat. The pita bread was still warm and super fresh, it may have been the best pita bread I鈥檝e had! If you鈥檙e a pita fan, you need to try the pita bread at Sesame! The hummus also had good flavor and the portion of the appetizer was just right for two people to share.

Pita and hummus at Seasame.Kayla Jasso/Undergraduate Admissions

Our meals arrived shortly after. I tried the fattoush salad first, which I thought had a nice flavor and something crunchy in it (I couldn鈥檛 place exactly what it was), but it was delicious! We both tried the tabbouleh, which we hadn鈥檛 had before, and thought it was fine. We tried all three kebabs: chicken, beef and lamb, and agreed that the chicken was our favorite. The chicken was incredibly tender and almost melted in your mouth. The rice was nothing special, tasted like your normal white rice out of the rice cooker. I liked the fries and thought they were the perfect amount of crisp! In the future, I鈥檇 probably skip the tabbouleh and try something else.

Kebabs at Sesame.Kayla Jasso/Undergraduate Admissions

Because we were so tempted by the desserts when we first arrived, we decided we needed to grab a few to-go. We picked up a pistachio baklava and birds nest baklava. The pistachio baklava was very fresh, unlike some I鈥檝e had in the past that were a huge mess falling apart with every bite. This was the first time I鈥檝e tried a bird鈥檚 nest baklava and it was interesting looking, but I liked the crunch and flavor. They had quite a few other dessert options that we鈥檒l definitely try on our next visit.

Desserts at Sesame.Kayla Jasso/Undergraduate Admissions

If you鈥檙e a fan of Mediterranean food or just looking to try a new restaurant, I鈥檇 encourage you to give Sesame Mediterranean Grill a try! Maybe even stop by the Shocker Store to buy some 新加坡六合彩开奖网 gear while you鈥檙e in the area.


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