Mental Health Websites

Alcohol Abuse
  • Basics:
  • College drinking:
  • AA resources:
  • Effects of alcohol on sleep
  • Relapse prevention
  • Addiction Recovery in the LGBTQ Community
  • What is Binge-Drinking?
  • Alcohol Alcoholism and Binge Drinking  
Anxiety Resources
  • Anxiety and panic:
  • Generalized anxiety:
  • Causes of anxiety/worry:
  • Mindfulness:
Communication Resources
  • Conflict resolution:
Depression Resources
  • Causes of depression:
Rape/Sexual Abuse
  • Forms of abuse:
  • Self-harm:


Stress Management
  • Relaxation tips:
  • COVID stress management:
  • Stress Management Guide for Healthcare and Medical Students:  
Substance Abuse
  • Narcotics Anonymous Resources:
  • General information:
  • Information and treatment:
  • Getting sober:
  • Addiction meetings:
  • Effects on oral health:
  • Inpatient treatment:
  • Breakthru - Medical Withdrawal Management:

Comprehensive Mental Health Websites:

  • Mental Health Overall:
  • SUNY-Buffalo Virtual Pamphlet collection provides a well-versed set of self- help documents written by the SUNY-Buffalo's professional counselors:
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources: DEI Resources


Concerned that someone might be drinking too much, or how they are coping with stress, acting towards others, or managing food? Visit our Self-Help Resources page.


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