Web Leave Reporting FAQs

What is Web Leave Reporting (WLR)?

WLR is the online system available through the my新加坡六合彩开奖网 portal that allows employees to report leave taken in a pay period.

Why am I required to do leave reporting?

All Benefits-Eligible Exempt/Salary Faculty and Staff are expected to report leave electronically at the end of each pay period. As an exempt employee, reporting leave is the method required to accurately account for leave taken as a 新加坡六合彩开奖网 employee. Failure to report leave can result in benefit issues or even denial of short-term or long-term disability insurance by the insurance carrier.

How do I submit a Web Leave Report?

Leave Reporting is accessed through the my新加坡六合彩开奖网 portal, Faculty/Staff tab, Employee Self-Service, Leave Report. For help on how to submit a leave report you can refer to this helpful guide '' or you can attend a biweekly training lab for a quick Demo and one on one with a trainer for guidance. Sign up for this is available at myTraining from my新加坡六合彩开奖网 home page.

What if I don鈥檛 take leave? Am I still required to submit zero leave taken?

You are expected to submit a Leave report each pay period. If you did not take leave during that time period, you will submit an Empty (zero hour) leave report. To do this, simply open your leave report and click 鈥淧review/Submit鈥.

I am a 9/10 month faculty, do I still need to submit a leave report?
Yes, All Benefits-Eligible Exempt/Salary Faculty and Staff are expected to report leave electronically at the end of each pay period. If an employee has no leave hours to report they simply, preview and submit an 鈥榚mpty鈥 WLR.
When do I submit my leave report?

Four days prior to leave sign off for each pay period, you will receive a friendly email reminder that leave is due.

Can another person enter my leaves for me?
No. Reporting leave hours taken can only be accessed from your own employee dashboard, using your login information.
What if I鈥檓 unavailable to submit?

If an employee is unavailable to submit leave taken, they should inform their supervisor who will advise timekeeping of the circumstances.

What if I make an error or need to make a change to the leave report?
You can make edits to your Leave Report until your leave report has been approved.

If you have submitted your leave report for approval and it has not been approved, you can make changes to your WLR by selecting 鈥楻ecall Leave Report鈥.

If your leave report has been approved and a correction needs to be made your supervisor will need to email timekeeping@wichita.edu for corrections to be made by payroll.

What is an 鈥楨mpty鈥 Leave Report?
An empty leave report is a submission of no hours reported on a leave report. This indicates to your supervisor that no leave time was used during the pay period and no hours need to be reduced from leave balances.
What happens if I exceed my available leave balance?

It is your responsibility to know your leave balance. Please review your leave balances in the employee dashboard under Leave Balances. Your leave balance accruals for each pay period will show once your pay stub is available for the current pay period. Leave taken for the period is subtracted when WLR is approved.

If you use more leave than you have available, the WLR system will respond 鈥減ossible insufficient leave balance鈥. WLR will accept your entry even if you do not have leave available to take.

Exceeding your available leave balance may result in a pay adjustment. You will be contacted by the payroll office.

What happens when I reach the maximum allowed to accrue of vacation?
If you have met the maximum allowable leave balance, you will no longer accrue leave until you report leave taken and hours have been subtracted by a Leave Report. More Info on Leave Administration.
More questions about Web Leave Reporting?

Contact the Payroll Office

Please see the Payroll Schedule for deadlines to submit and approve leave reports.