1. Purpose

    To authorize and designate an operational policy and procedures manual for the University; to define policy initiating authorities; and to develop a standard policy format, review, approval and dissemination process.

  2. Policy

    All policies and procedures are under the authority of the President. 

    In those instances where policies and procedures published in university or college documents differ from those stated in The 新加坡六合彩开奖网 Policy and Procedures Manual, The 新加坡六合彩开奖网 Policy and Procedures Manual will take precedence.

    The 新加坡六合彩开奖网 Policy and Procedures Manual is subject to applicable federal and state laws and regulations and the Kansas Board of Regents Policy Manual and the policies and procedures are intended to be consistent with them.

  3. Definitions

    1. Constituent senates (CS):

      • Faculty (FS)
      • Unclassified Professional (UP)
      • University Support Staff (USS)
      • Student Government Association (SGA)
    2. Initiating authority (IA):

      • The President
      • a divisional leader
      • or a designee
  4. Administrative Procedures

    1. The following procedures should be followed to propose a new policy or revise an existing policy:

      1. Any employee wanting to draft or revise a policy may request their assigned senator or senate to contact an Initiating authority (IA) to review the proposed draft or revisions.
      2. IA may draft or propose revisions to policy.
      3. IA shall seek input from persons/groups that have any accountability for the policy and the General Counsel (GC) will identify someone from the GC office to be an available resource during the development of the policy draft or revision.
      4. GC will ensure all applicable federal or state laws, rules, regulations, etc. are followed and cited.
      5. IA sends proposed policy and deadline for review to appropriate CS. If review is not being sought, the proposed policy is sent for advisement purposes.
      6. IA reviews all input.
      7. IA sends proposed policy to GC for final review.
      8. GC sends proposed policy to President executive team (PET) for review.
      9. If changes are needed, GC will work with IA.
      10. PET makes final determination.
      11. If IA is updating administrative procedures, the proposed administrative procedures shall be sent to GC for review and then to PET for consideration.
      12. If approved, the President鈥檚 Office notifies Media Resources Center to post in the Policy and Procedures Manual and Strategic Communications to advise the university.
    2. Standard Policy and Procedure Format:

      • Policy title
      • Initiating authority
      • Person/Groups involved in review
      • Purpose statement
      • Policy statement
      • Definitions
      • Administrative procedures
      • Any related policies, federal, state laws, rules and regulations should be cited at the end of the proposed policy